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Ward's Trogon
Ward's Trogon

Fulfill your values with Bhutan Bird Finder

Looking for bird watching, ecofriendly and nature journeys in Bhutan (aka Druk Yul-the Land of the Thunder Dragon), we have needs-tested attributes for achieving your dreams and goals.

Blood Pheasant.jpg

connect you with birds in their pristine primary habitats and nature of Eastern Himalaya in Bhutan.

take you on a journey of ecofriendly lifestyles among buddhist monasteries, ancient dzongs, birds and nature. 

enable you to create your version of experiences, memories for happiness, joy and wellbeing.

assist you immerse in nature that is harmony and longevity of life to people.

We can

Feel the sights, sounds and smells of birds and quality nature in Bhutan with us

Explore the Eastern Himalaya's best birding destination Bhutan for its small human population and more varieties of primary sustainable nature and quality birdlife including the endemic birds of Eastern Himalaya and Western Himalaya.

Experience many bird species of Eastern Himalaya in a small area Bhutan with us

Experience watching birds from 745 bird species of 89 families across six to seven quality primary forests and other natural habitats. 

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