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Tshering Namdru  (Six longevtiy of Life)


Experience nature and bird watching in the quality birdlife and healthy natural habitats of Bhutan's carbon-negative environment. 

Reverence for birds and nature
  • People coexisting with birds and nature is a way of life. Unlike some places in the region, people in Bhutan do not kill or hunt birds, and they are easy to sight.

  • Birds, animals, forests embody interdependence, harmony and longevity of life to the people.

  • Poeple respect all forms of life (Buddhism). They do not cut trees and avoid disturbing streams, rivers, lake, mountains out of fear from their ferocious deities (Bon practices).

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Bird species in small area
  • 745 species from 89 families exist today (July 2019) in a total land area of 38,394

  • Bird researchers and experts predict more bird counts as studies improve.

Primary forest for quality birdlife
  • The country has intact primary forest habitats of Eastern Himalaya due to low human population in the region (754,951 people in the country in 2017).

  • Currently the forest cover is 71% of the country's total area as against the constitutional requirement of 60% forest cover.

  • 51% of country's total area is uninterrupted protected network of parks, reserve, sanctuaries and corridors for unhindered movement of wildlife.

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