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Bhutan Birds



Experience quality birdlife in their natural habitats in birder-friendly Bhutan.

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Our bird collection gallery  
  • JHA means birds in Dzongkha language in Bhutan. JHA and other animals do not flee at the sight of people as they are not hunted or killed unlike in some places in the region. Birders can easily sight JHAs along our birding routes.

  • Some JHAs from our birding tours.

Dragon Country Birds
  • 745 species recorded in Bhutan are from             89 families. 

  • 12 out of about 22 Restricted-range birds of Eastern Himalaya Endemic Bird Area (Birdlife International and RSPN, 2019) are in Bhutan. Ten of them are along our birding routes.

  • Endemic bird of Eastern Himalaya, Himalayan Wedge-billed Babbler of the family Timaliidae, one of the two endemic birds of Eastern Himalaya, is in Bhutan.

  • 21 critically endangered, other endangered and vulnerable birds, and 24 birds that are near threatened of the IUCN Red List are in the country. Other birds are least concern birds, some of whose population are decreeing.

Druk-Yul Birding Season

Best season

  • Spring Season is the breeding period, and it is the best birding season. We apply birding safeguards to avoid disruptions in the breeding behaviors. 

  • Autumn season is the period for raising broods and witnessing the migration of birds to warmer habitats. The season is also  the best time for birding.

Good Season

  • Winter season is when birds have reached their winter-feeding grounds, and begin preparing for incoming spring season to continue the cycle all over again.

Lean Season

  • Summer season is witnessing broods grow and hearing their songs. We do not provide fixed-date tours as monsoon season causes roadblocks. However, we accept customized tours during this season for those who can brave the monsoon conditions.

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