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Our philosophy
Act locally and bird responsibly

Disappearing spring water sources for drinking, untimely flowering of fruiting trees for food, lower elevations fruit trees at higher elevations, lack of pattern in rain are some of the emerging disruptions in our mountain habitats, local ecosystem, and livelihood interdependence.

Professionals with over 15 years of birding experience and bird enthusiasts have formed Bhutan Bird Finder in early 2019 to contribute to the climate change adaptations. The basic principle is to assist in the conservation and protection of food sources, especially native wild fruit trees for birds, their habitats, and assist those people living in the vicinity of the birding areas by carrying out ecotourism activities.

To realize our purpose, we focus on our differentiation strategy based on our ecotourism values of interdependence.

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Build awareness of birds and their habitats among people living around 23 important bird areas.


Delivering and meeting needs with differentiation strategy for the conservation of birds and their natural habitats.


1. Organize birding and herpetofauna travel in Bhutan.

2. Experience the adventure of ecotourism in Bhutan.

3. Finance plantation of native wild fruit trees for birds        as our giving back program.

4. Help people living around birding spots plant fruit          trees to generate non-forest based incomes.

5. Support programs to raise awareness of risks to            birds and habitats.

6. Release our verifiable annual reports.

What We Value

Identifying needs 

Delivering needs

Designing programs to deliver needs

Ethical and responsible 

birding and ecotourism

Our Resident Team

Our resident bird experts come from various parts of Bhutan, and the expert guides are passionate about birds and nature of the country and beyond. They have competence on birds and their habitats, and experience of local conditions to connect you to the birds in various habitats in safety and security.

They are also recognized for their extraordinary ear-birding skills in locating birds, which save enormous time for birding other bird species. Some have 15 years of birding experience, while others have 7 years bird watching experience.

As a team, we ensure our members acquire their competence on birding, their habitats, other related activities through theory and practice in the field.  


Overall, in addition to our values, our team members conduct our professional work and relationships with unwavering integrity and attitude for an excellent bird watching experience and positive memories. 


Choekey Gyeltshen

Mr. Gyeltshen, an avid birder, is our another member in the team. He backstops our members on birdwatching operations so that the guide experts can dedicate and commit full time with our guests in meeting their needs and expectations. 

Namgay Tshering.jpg

Namgay Tshering

Mr. Tshering is one of our best bird spotters in our team. His profound enthusiasm in trekking and culture complements his  competence on and experience of birds. Beside his unmatched integrity, one of his best traits is his ability to empathize the needs of others and deliver on those expectations. 

Phuntshso Wangdi.jpg

Phuntsho Wangdi

Mr. Wangdi's hobby has been in watching birds since his school days, and he is our ardent birder in our team now. He is very knowledgeable about the bird species and their natural habitats. His attitude and approach to life is full of positive views, and he is trustworthy and full of integrity.  

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